What actual patients say about results received by Gateway Natural Medicine and Diagnostic Center.

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“My husband and I are in our mid 50s and between us we have a number of chronic health problems including serious allergies, diabetes and neuropathy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, and post-menopausal symptoms. In the relatively short time we’ve been seeing Dr. Brett and taking supplements he’s recommended, we have both seen great improvements in our overall health and wellness. He is extremely knowledgeable, and caring, and he takes the time to really listen and work with his patients. We both have Ph.D degrees and work in a medical field, so we are very discriminating about who we see for healthcare, but we highly recommend Dr. Brett and Gateway Natural Medicine.”


“Dr. Brett has great “bedside manner” whether talking face to face or on the phone. He’s genuinely interested in my well-being and I can tell he listens to what I say. He isn’t biased towards one drug or another, but is biased towards patient health. I can tell from my interactions that his primary goal is my well-being. I feel confident in his knowledge and skill and that he cares for his patients. I’d recommend anyone to see/call him with their health needs.”


“Every time I’m at Gateway I feel respected and cared for. I get my doctor’s full attention and don’t feel rushed. Most of all I know that it’s not just my symptoms that are being treated, but also my whole body. I can trust that all the supplements I’m taking are natural and aren’t harming my body, but helping my immune system to do a better job at keeping me healthy. Thank you dr. K and everyone else at Gateway!”


“Working with Dr. Brett has been a life-changing experience for me. My whole life I have felt tired, lethargic, and just “out of it.” I never knew that this was abnormal because I had felt like this my whole life. Then it started progressively getting worse and I was sleeping my life away. When I finally started working with Dr. Brett he went through such an extensive discovery with me and he really took the time to listen and answer any questions that I had. I’ve been working with Dr. Brett for 3 months now and I feel so much better. I have energy, I feel alive, and I am motivated to do things besides just waiting until I can lay down again. I have to say that it really scares me to think if I hadn’t started working with him I would never know what it feels like to be “normal” and I know that no other doctor would have taken this much time and care to go through such a detailed discovery to really find the true root of the problem.”


“I have been working with Gateway Natural Medicine under the care of Dr. Wisniewski for 5 months. I have only positive comments to share and great respect for all the staff and services offered. His approach of following where the science leads, using and teaching his extensive knowledge base, and avoiding unnecessary testing and cost, has helped me greatly in my journey of healing. The entire office is professional and positive, (both great attributes), especially when one is dealing with the fear and stress of an illness. Thank you Gateway!”



“i don’t trust my care to any other dr. dr brett has definitely helped with many aspects of my health in the last few years. i continually feel healthier every day. and kelly is the bestest!”


“Dr. Kleber has been a constant presence and friend in helping our family achieve good health over the years through multiple challenging situations. His knowledge and flexibility have helped us to navigate multiple health situations ranging from asthma to back problems and beyond – all to a successful result. We have also be very pleased with the addition of Dr. Brett to the Gateway team. If you are searching for health care providers you can trust…these guys are the real deal.”


“I appreciate the time and attention given to me as a patient and have recommended Dr. Kleber and Dr. Brett to several family members and friends.”

Kris Thompson

“I am very happy with the treatment I have received at Gateway Natural Medicine. The office and nursing staff are always friendly and accommodating. There is never a long wait for appointments. Usually no longer than 5 minutes. Dr. Kleber is very personable and takes plenty of time to” listen ” to how I am feeling. He takes great care in planning my treatment on a “natural” basis.”


“My order was filled correctly and mailed immediately.”


“Love Gateway Natural Medicine! Not only is Dr. Brett knowledgeable in what he does, he is also very good communicating this knowledge to his patients. He takes time to listen, care, and explain. And love the other staff too! They are very eager to help and serve. Though I am not Dr. Kleber’s patient, he is always ready to offer a smiling hello. I always encourage my friends to this office, if they need the kind of treatment that they offer.”

Michelle, CO

“Since I’ve started visiting the Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center, I’ve been experiencing relief from conditions I thought I’d be stuck with for the rest of my life. Now I have started thinking of other ways the Center can help me achieve better health for other conditions I need improved instead of trying not to hurt too much. That spells a better game altogether and for that I am grateful to Brett and the staff. You guys rock!!!”

Bruno, Berthoud, CO

“Always the best care. Thank you so much.”


“I have been a patient at Gateway Natural Medicine for 9 years. Dr. Kleber was able to successfully diagnose and treat my symptoms where traditional medicine failed for many years. The demeanor of the staff and the overall atmosphere is very comforting, you forget you’re at a health care facility. I encourage anyone that is not getting the level of care they want from their health care provider to make an appointment at Gateway Natural Medicine.”


“Dr. Brett has been such a wonderful medical resource for me! I value his knowledge and approach! From my first evaluation appointment to present, Dr. Brett and his staff have been fantastic! Always willing to help with SUCH amazing knowledge! Thank you!!”


“Gateway Natural Medicine provides high quality health care. The office staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They are able to handle most any situation with the patients! Dr. Kleber makes each patient feel like they are the most important person. He listens, really listens, to patients. He recognizes how important it is to gain the trust of his patients. He provides his patients with state-of-the art medical treatments that help restore the body to the highest degree of health possible. I highly recommend this office!!”


“The staff are very friendly and helpful. They consistently go above and beyond to keep me educated and informed in all areas of my healthcare. Dr. Kleber goes out of his way to help me achieve optimum health and works to help me understand and feel listened to as he plans my health care regimen. I highly recommend Gateway Natural Medicine for your healthcare needs.”


“Dr. Brett is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I had heatstroke and came dangerously close to death. Which left me with a basket full of health, sensory and movement issues. He was 100% on the same page with me at all times and knew exactly what to do to correct the Issues I was having. It has been two weeks and I am easily 85% better after a year and a half of suffering. I am SO blessed to have Dr. Brett helping me! ”


“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Brett for several years. I trusted him with the care of my mother when she had issues that needed special attention. He is very skilled and knowledgable. You are in good hands while you are in his office or under his care.”

Dr. Chris

“I appreciate the individual care I get from everyone at Gateway Natural Medicine, from Dr. Brett to all the support staff. I never feel rushed at any of my appointments — my concerns are addressed as well as my overall progress. The treatments are very specific to me — there’s no “cookie-cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” solution. I also really like that I don’t get a ton of expensive new and different supplements prescribed every visit. Dr. Brett is really working with me to correct the source of my physical problems, rather than just treating the symptoms, and I also appreciate that he doesn’t just guess what might be going on but uses blood testing to really figure it out.”


“Everyone at this clinic is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The doctors actually care about your continued health.”

Josh, NY

“My 15-year-old daughter has CP, which obviously causes issues on its own. We contacted Dr. Brett for help with this, but also because she was suffering from SEVERE (24/7) anxiety issues and a few other health concerns. Dr. Brett is so kind, intelligent and helpful. After talking with him and having her undergo an in-depth urine and saliva test, he suggested diet changes and some supplements. We implemented the diet changes and started the supplements. We noticed a difference within days. AMAZING! We have been doing this for about a month and her anxiety has decreased by about 70%. I would have never thought this was possible in such a short time frame. My daughter even said: “I thank you and Dr. Brett so much Mom. I am feeling so much better!” WOW! We are so happy about this! We will be continuing our course with Dr. Brett and are so thankful for her feeling better! AWESOME! Debbie White (Port Orange, FL) P.S. The office gals are super helpful, super friendly and so upbeat!”

Debbie, FL

“Dr. Wisniewski has provided me with excellent care by taking a detailed account of all of my concerns. I appreciate his ability to identify the primary factors that need to be addressed first. His nutritional and supplemental recommendations allowed me to begin feeling significantly better within the first 1-2 weeks of his care. He has offered excellent advise with regard to diagnostic and genetic testing to get a better understanding of my body’s ability to respond to foods and my environment. I am truly optimistic that I will regain the much sought after strength, health and wellness that I know I can achieve. I look forward to continuing my care, mentorship and guidance with Dr. Wisniewski, Dr. Kleber and the rest of the staff at Gateway Natural Medicine.”

Michelle, CO

“My appointments are always on schedule, professional and enjoyable. The entire staff is great. Dr. Kleber has my best interest in mind, period.”


“When Dr. Wisniewski moved from Florida to Colorado, we were so disappointed. Though we still miss him being local, the level of care my husband and I have received has continued to be great. Where our “regular” doctor primarily prescribes medications, Dr. Wisniewski is excellent at looking for the root of the problem. Gateway is also great at getting supplements to us in a timely fashion as well as being quick to respond when we contact them.”

Nancy, FL

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Brett at the Gateway Natural and Diagnostic center. Dr. Brett consistently answers all my questions with explanations that I understand and many times diagrams. I started going to Dr. Brett for terrible sinus infections, which he has treated without drugs of any kind. He is now treating me with supplements for total body health. I highly recommend Dr. Brett- GO NATURAL.”

Chrisie, FL

“Great Docs who care about the patients!”

Taryn, NY

“Working with Dr. Brett has been a life-changing experience for me. My whole life I have felt tired, lethargic, and just “out of it.” I never knew that this was abnormal because I had felt like this my whole life. Then it started progressively getting worse and I was sleeping my life away. When I finally started working with Dr. Brett he went through such an extensive discovery with me and he really took the time to listen and answer any questions that I had. I’ve been working with Dr. Brett for 3 months now and I feel so much better. I have energy, I feel alive, and I am motivated to do things besides just waiting until I can lay down again. I have to say that it really scares me to think if I hadn’t started working with him I would never know what it feels like to be “normal” and I know that no other Doctor would have taken this much time and care to go through such a detailed discovery to really find the true root of the problem.”

Casey, CO

“Dr. Kleber genuinely cares for his patients and is constantly trying to determine the most direct approach possible to address the source of the problem. He treats each patient as an individual with unique needs and doesn’t use cookie cutter treatments or “band aid” methods that only mask symptoms.”

Holly, CO

“The Drs at GNM discovered the real culprit to my high TSH level and cured it.It was not thyroid as all other drs thought, they were able to take me off the sythroid and truely solve the problem! They listened to my whole medical story and cared for me like a human being. They are what all medicine should be like!”

Cassi, CO

“Dr. Brett Wisniewski has develop a customized nutrition plan to help me both feel better and look better while addressing some chronic health issues that traditional medicine was only masking. Dr. Wisniewski’s treatment has also helped to increase my energy levels, productivity and overall well-being. He is very skilled at discussing my health issues in a way that I can easily understand. As a result of Dr. Wisniewski’s treatment, I am absolutely confident that his methodology addresses my health issues more effectively than traditional or unnatural methods. Dr. Wisniewski is also very responsive and motivational which helps to keep me on course in making better choices and living an overall healthier lifestyle.”

Ronnie, NJ

“The best I ever had!”

Mary, CO

“With traditional Doctors it’s like an assembly line. They’re in and out so fast you barely had enough time to let them know what’s wrong and that’s if you even get to see a doctor and don’t end up with their nurse practitioner. Dr. Brett is the complete polar opposite of that. He spends all the time with you that you need. And not just during your initial visit, each and every time, until the problem you came to him with had been resolved. Bottom line, If you’re tired of being force fed prescription medication without ever solving the underlying cause of what’s making you sick and want quality care that lives up to the name “care” then go see Dr. Brett!”

Jordan, NJ

“Great Drs and staff at Gateway. With the help I received I was able to lower my blood sugar and high blood pressure without taking drugs and finally…”

Sean M., FL

“I’ve been going to Gateway Natural Medicine for about a year in a half. My job is very physical and I function noticeably well when I go to GNM on a regular basis. The docs there really keep my body functioning well! The staff is great as well! I feel so fortunate to have such a great “clinic” so close.”


“The most thorough care from any Doctor I have ever seen!”


“My experience was very good, as usual. Dr. Kleber is attentive and knowledgeable and is determined to get to the root of my health issues.”


“I came to Gateway Natural Medicine after years of frustration with Drs. My hypothyroidism and hormones were not being managed appropriately. I was on the incorrect dosage of prescription medicine and “bioidentical” hormones. In short, I was miserable! Since I have been a patient of Dr. Kleber’s for the past 4 years; I am finally with a Dr. that cares about my health! Dr. Kleber is passionate about helping others lead healthy lives. In fact, I have been so impressed with Gateway Natural Medicine, that my husband and adult children are patients too!”

Jodi, CO

“My experience with Dr. Kleber has been a refreshing experience! Dr. Kleber worked hard to diagnose my illness and is continuing to help me deal with the underlying causes. No pharmaceuticals required!”

Steve, WY

“Dr. Kleber and all of his staff are professionals that genuinely care about the individual and partnering with them to help them achieve optimal health. My family has used this office for everything from regular physicals to pinpointing a proper diagnosis and crafting a successful healthcare plan.”

Sunshine, CO

“I have grown up with Gateway Natural Medicine as our family doctor since I was five years old. Living out of state a few times, I’ve had to go to other doctors and I can say that Dr. William Kleber and his staff are my favorites! They treat their patients as they would their own family members.”

Tatiana, CO

“Doctor Kleber is phenomenal at what he does. The staff at Gateway Natural Medicine are friendly and helpful. I’m glad I’m in such great hands.”

Garion, CO

“The Doctors and staff are awesome!! All my concerns were addressed and the root causes carefully explained. I experienced results in the first 2 weeks and continue to see my health improve. I feel so much better and only wish I had come to see them sooner. Thank you all for the kind and concerned care.”

Marty S., CO

“Always very helpful.”

Karen, CO

“I have been using Gateway Natural Medicine for about 6 months now. Dr. Brett has been great at getting down to the root cause of various health issues, and using natural medicine supplements very carefully to help heal my body. I do not live in Colorado, so I have been doing phone consultations. Dr. Brett does a great job of educating me, and I have been seeing some good results in my energy level and have seen abnormal lab work change back to normal levels. Kelly, from their office staff is really great as well. She is prompt, polite, and helpful. Supplements are mailed to you very quickly, and if one doesn’t agree with you, they will even credit it to your account! Most of all, they treat you as a unique individual, with respect and dignity, and truly want to help you experience better health. I have been so pleased with my care that I have gotten my husband to start working with Gateway as well.”

Kathleen, IL

“If you are looking for a Dr. To look outside the box, and get to the root of your medical mystery. Dr. William M. Kleber is your man. He will work tirelessly to help you. He truly cares about his patients.”

Mary, CO

“Dr.Brett takes the time to listen and discuss my concerns. He has helped me so much with my health in the last 3 months. I would recommend anyone to him.”

Rita, CO

“Finally, doctors who were willing to solve my mysterious issues rather than just put me on more medications! I am finally feeling like I am able to properly function and I am getting healthier every day! Thanks, Dr. Kleber and Dr. Brett!!”

Kelsey, CO

“I feel so much better since I have been seeing Dr. Brett. My energy level is up, my foggy head has cleared, my stomach and system work so much more efficiently and I am starting to lose weight again. What a blessing from God the whole group is! Pastor Keith Harwood”

Keith, FL

“I appreciate the friendliness of the staff- Kelly is great and personable, Meredith is wonderful! Dr Kleber really works with me to get where I need to be with energy, health and comfort! Truly appreciate the service, honesty and integrity of Gateway Natural Medicine!”

Lynette, CO

“Gateway Natural Medicine has been a blessing in my life. I am off of my medications that I used to take for my high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am now treating it with Nutrition that is proving to be more effective than the drugs that i used to be taking with out any of the potential side effects. My Wife is the one that started coming to Dr. Kleber and suggested that I go there. We have since suggested Gateway Natural Medicine to our friends. Two Family’s took our advice and have found great relief to their problems. Traditional medical science was only treating their symptoms and not the real problem. It is refreshing to find a place that works on the problems source and not only be offered a band-aide for the symptoms.”

Ray, CO

“Dr. Brett has helped me with several chronic conditions. Came to him by referral of a friend after many other doctors couldn’t help me. He has a great knowledge base and always makes sure the patient understands what is going on and how he plans to help them. I trust Dr. Brett and would highly recommend him.”

Jaclyn, FL

“The wholistic approach of Dr Kleber has helped me achieve hormonal balance (goodbye endometriosis, goodbye hot flashes) while more recently achieving greater metabolic balance throughout, based on my own DNA. I’m now experiencing new energy, improved concentration, better sleeping, less gastrointestinal reflux… and the list goes on! Grateful!”

Anonymous, CO

“Dr. Kleber is not your typical doctor. He takes a great amount of time to listen to your symptoms and come up with a comprehensive plan Additionally, I have not met any other health care professionals that understand methylation issues and MTHFR gene mutations. His bed side manner also puts you at ease. His entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I am so glad a friend referred me to Dr. Kleber’s office. The experience has been completely different and much more thorough than any other doctor I have been too. Highly recommend Gateway Natural Medicine!”

Nikki, CO

“We are so pleased with the care we are receiving at Gateway Natural Health from Dr. Brett. I can’t remember the last time I actually had a Doctor listen to me and believe what I am saying about the way I feel physically. Dr. Brett listens and is helping my husband, our two children and myself overcome chronic illness. We are well on our way to good health, thanks to Dr. Brett! I would recommend him, without hesitation, to any family member or friend! The staff at Gateway Natural Health are awesome!”


“Dr.Brett is absolutely amazing! The time and care that goes along with his service is untouchable. I’ve been suffering with stomach issues for a long time now and nothing has helped until the day I met with Dr.Brett. After some initial tests, he was able to pinpoint specific areas that I needed to work on. Through his shared knowledge and natural supplements, I’m feeling better than ever. I can’t thank you enough!!”

Matt Masarsky

“Dr. Kleber improved my overall health and today I feel great!”


“I am very impressed with Dr. Kleber’s diagnostic skills and customizing the level of care to me individually. My health has improved greatly by his steering me away from certain foods and introducing different supplements. My hope is for continued improved health with Dr. Kleber’s help and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for alternatives to traditional medicine.”

Vivian, CA

I go to Igor for acupuncture. The office is very professional, and friendly! They live to chat with the patients and live to laugh. I’m thinking about getting some chiropractic adjustments too, to aide in the overall health. The office prices are VERY reasonable and they have package deals too.”

Hannah, CO

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Brett and his team they are the best! So glad we chose Gateway Natural Medicine for our families care!”

Nicole, CO

“After several years and three different doctors, I finally found Dr. Brett. Everyone else was so quick to tell me that it was normal for a woman my age to feel tired, depressed, not sleep well and have weight gain, but I knew I didn’t feel like me. Yes, it is common. But not normal! I tell every person I can about what Dr. Brett has done for me. He’s helped me feel like me again. I can’t thank him enough!”


“I’ve been in pain for 8 months, and Dr. Brett was able to make me feel at least 50% better in under an hour. I’ve seen five different neurologists and neurosurgeons in addition to my PCP and ER doctors over the last five months with zero improvement and no regard for how much the many visits and tests were costing me. They don’t take insurance and it is still cheaper than what I’ve been dishing out elsewhere. Dr. Brett really took the time to analyze my health history and all the events that lead up to my current state. I was so emotional when I walked out of there today. Not only because I FINALLY felt better, but also because I can feel my hope returning. Thank you so much! Words don’t hold enough meaning to tell you how much you’ve done for me, and after just one visit.”

Genevieve, Berthoud Colorado

“Thank you so much for your time. I am very hopeful of this path. You were making a lot of sense and knew things that were going on that I didn’t even mention. It was a breath of fresh air. I hope I will finally get answers!”

Tracy, Loveland Colorado

“When I signed up to compete at the CrossFit competition hosted by EOB, my expectations were very low. I had been dealing with a post intensity workout stomach issue for about a year and it literally would shut my body down. I had been to every doctor I could imagine and they all threw around words like, hernia, intestinal blockage, cyst, etc. However, since I was not having the symptoms in the office, nobody had an answer. About half way through the first WOD at EOB, I could feel it starting. My system was shutting down. I couldn’t go faster, I was having a hard time breathing, and I felt like I was trying to sprint through mud. A few minutes after sputtering out “time” my stomach made me drop to my knees. The pain was so intense that my arms and legs would go numb…….. I explained to Dr. Brett what my symptoms were and asked if he could check me for signs of a hernia since I was clearly having symptoms.

He took me through all the tests and the results were, nothing. He said, “It sounds to me like you have estrogen induced cramping. “. FINALLY!! An answer!! So I started searching around for natural products to help and I found a pre workout hydration drink that helped and I changed my nutrition a bit as well. Thank you Dr. Brett for literally saving my training life. I’ve slowly been able to rebuild my intensity and I’m back on the road to being an athlete! Thank you again!”

Andrea, Jacksonville Florida

Patient was on 7 different medications when she came to our office, none of which were getting her any better; at the very best they were sustaining her current level of pain.  Within 3 weeks the patient has noted a marked improvement and in 3 months she no longer has “gnawing knee or back pain” – her gas, bloating, brain fog and lack of energy has all subsided.  She currently only take 1 dose of 1 of her medications.  The is the power of a proper patient-doctor interaction.

Male patient wanted to lose 15 lbs in 4 weeks.  We worked with his lifestyle choices, he increased his exercise regimen and here are his results.  Way to go!

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“I first came to see Dr. Brett Wisniewski, after a trip to the ER for some extreme stomach pains, in early May of 2013.  I have been battling ulcerative colitis for a lot of my life and they found out it was pancreatitis.  I was able to get in very quickly to see the Dr. Brett and I haven’t looked back.  He not only have helped me with my Ulcerative Colitis and decrease all of my stomach discomfort, but has also helped to improve my overall health and well-being.  He not only wants to see each patient get healthy and stay healthy, he takes a genuine interest and shows dedication to improving the quality of life to anyone who sees him.  I would recommend my friends and family to see Dr. Brett with any issues they may be having.”

Bryan G., Illinois

After a few short weeks this patient was able to transform herself. We used a well planned diet including customized macro percentages, some basic nutrients to help increase energy and burn fat, and above all else hard work and dedication on her part! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your fitness goals!!
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“On Christmas Day, I celebrated my 65th birthday, grateful to be surrounded by friends and family…yet in the shadows of my life has been a body filled with pain, inflammation and episodes of a churning digestive tract. As a nurse, I’ve tried to find answers but finally conceded that I must “tough it out.”  Just from meeting and talking to him, I felt a large glimmer of hope through his insights. Bloodwork was done and an appointment was to be scheduled. In the process, he never wavered in being kind and flexible.  At our first meeting, the hope for help broadened as he completed the most professional physical exam and then revealed issues from my bloodwork that went volumes beyond my prior understanding. He is gifted in explaining problems in a clear and gentle manner. He is not demeaning or impatient which encourages patient comprehension.  I returned for a second appointment after more bloodwork was needed and a doable plan has been established. Now I’m on my way with a broad scope of fresh hope. I only wish this competent Doc were in my own hometown. Ormond Beach is most fortunate to have him!!”

Pam H., Ocala, Fl

“Thank you Dr. Brett for treating me.  I am 58 years old and problems with Hormones . I have being going to an OBGYN (not happy).  After finding Dr. Brett and doing a Hormone test, He was able to treat me. I truly believe in you, your knowledge, explanations and commitment are one of a kind. Also thank you for changing my way of eating, that makes me feel better. I’m glad I found you and I would highly recommend Dr. Brett to anyone that requires treatment from an illness.”

Vita, Daytona Fl

“I visited Dr. Brett after many visits to Doctors, my stomach was always bloated and could not eat, blood sugar and liver levels were high, extreme sweating.  After some blood work Dr. Brett gave me some supplements and changed my eating habits.   I feel terrific and Dr. Brett your Great. “

Al, Daytona Fl

“Super team of physicians!!!!! Issues of any kind??? They can help!!!!”

Kelly L, Ormond Beach

“The team of doctors at Aligned Integrative are truly wonderful. They are down to earth, kind, compassionate and take a safer more meaningful approach to health and wellness than most other doctors these days! I would highly recommend them for anyone suffering with a specific illness or even those just looking to improve their overall health and well-being!”

Rick B., Ormond Beach

“Hey, thanks again for yesterday. It’s so refreshing to have a doctor who doesn’t just arrogantly and blindly espouse big-pharma propaganda. Your knowledge and commitment are one in a million, seriously. It has been very difficult to see my wife suffer and not know what to do. I knew enough not to trust traditional medicine and that we needed a more holistic, homeopathic approach, but I didn’t know enough to implement any kind of plan. Anyway, I was emotional after our phone conversation yesterday because I can finally see hope for my wife. I can’t express my gratitude enough.”

Kevin, Maryland

“Every week I feel Better and better. Thank you dr. Brett for getting me on the right track with supplements and dietary recommendations that promote HEALTH and HEALING! Sooooo glad I found your practice!”

Jennifer M, Ormond Beach

“Brought my 6 year old in with an earache. He feels “amazing” next day with no antibiotics. Thanks guys”

MK, Ormond Beach

“I originally had a hard time standing up, was constantly have GERD and reflux. My blood pressure was 158/98 and was scheduled for a double knee replacement due to pain. Dr. Brett prescribed a combination of lifestyle changes including diet and specific supplementations and in 2 weeks my blood pressure dropped to 125/75, my stomach problems are gone and I have recently canceled my surgery that was scheduled for my knees. I now can play up to 3 hours of tennis without discomfort, standing and walking no longer are a strain. I feel like my blood flow is much better and that I finally got my life back!”

Louis G., Ormond Beach

“From over the counter supplements to illegal substances I had tried everything to improve my performance. I had received good results from some but always with negative results as well. With the help of Dr. Brett Wisinewski and Aligned Integrative Health I have found a safe and healthy way to train at my maximum potential. I have never felt more energetic, strong, or faster than I do right now. I’m also sleeping better so I feel more rested and fully recovered for the next training day. I would highly recommend these supplements for any athlete looking to improve their performance.”

Jason Harwood, Ormond Beach

“Ever since I started using the pre-stack and post-stack supplements (a custom formulation by Dr. Brett) I have had more energy, sleep better, and the amount of weight in my Olympic lifts has gone up significantly. I take two pre-stack pills every morning and one pre-stack pill before Crossfit each day. I also take two post-stack pills before bed every night and my quality of sleep and recovery has improved greatly. Before working with the Dr. Brett, during my CrossFit workouts I continuously felt empty and had no energy. My recovery time after workouts was longer and I usually felt sickly during the week. I truthfully believe that Dr. Brett is on the right path to medicine and the treatment of modern-day health. Thank you for all that you do and I hope you continue to help others the same way you have helped me.”

Troy F. Douglas, Largo, FL

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Brett. Our son was battling from  very severe eczema  which caused him to cry and scratch 24/7. We went to many doctors including an allergist to try and figure out why our little guy was in so much discomfort.  In doing research we found Dr. Brett and thank goodness we did. Dr. Brett sent us for some blood work had us change our sons diet and within a few days we saw the changes and with in a month his severe eczema was gone. We can’t thank Dr. Brett enough for all that he has helped us with. We have a very happy little man now :)”

Nicole Martin, NJ

“Thank you for the initial consultation.  It is by far the most comprehensive thorough exam I have ever received.  I am hopeful that working together I will return to state of optimal wellness”

Chose to remain anonymous, Fl