Next time you are at a restaurant ask the waiter for the item that has an 82% chance of being bad.  Or buy the TV that has an 82% failure rate.  You probably wouldn’t do either of these, right?  Well why not?  You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand the basic percentages of successes and failures.  Let me introduce another long running failure…the flu vaccine.

syringe-30012_1280Back in February of this year the CDC revised its estimation of effectiveness for the vaccine from 23% down to 18%.  Even if their original estimation was correct, 23% is still an abysmal number especially when we are considering one’s health.

Even given this high failure rate some professionals are required by law to get the annual flu vaccine.  Ironically, those professions are usually in a hospital or healthcare setting, where they know better!  Medicine appears to be losing its grip on science, or science is slowly becoming a division of marketing, skewed by agenda and money.

Even this past weekend I flew into Chicago O’Hare airport for a class. What was waiting for me, a flu vaccine station.  How convenient!  What happened to needing a license to practice medicine and at an airport???? Sometimes I wonder if they are compensating for the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine by creating an abundance of convenience. Other 12068610_1652288751686098_7144700449320293218_olocations will take it one step forward and offer it for FREE.  So then how can we have the argument that some of the vaccines are created almost entirely for profit, if they are offered to the public at no charge?  Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Most states have a public vaccination program that is paid for with taxes, income taxes and alike.

This post isn’t to bash all vaccines or say they are all bad but when medicine has become as grossly negligent as they have with the flu vaccine, it makes you wonder what is next.  Even worse they seem to gloat their statistics every year, self-admitting to the failure yet pushing for more mandatory vaccine programs.  You do not need to be a doctor or a scientist to know something is very wrong.  Most of you reading this pay a good amount for your health insurance and/or go to a doctor you trust and pay cash because we all know good doctors are hard to find.  With all that money being spent it would be nice to get a halfway decent return, and I do not know about you, but 18% doesn’t cut it.