Biopuncture uses high quality homeopathics to ensure effective treatment for pain and other health concerns.
Using high quality homeopathics ensures quick and effective treatment directly at the area of concern.

What is Biopuncture?

We love that our patients at Gateway Natural Medicine are naturally curious and always ask about ways to enhance or “level up” their treatments. For this reason, we often incorporate therapeutic injections into both manual therapy treatments and overall wellness regimens. This option can be used for pain, injuries, musculoskeletal concerns, as well as other imbalances in the body. This technique, called biopuncture, injects diluted, plant-based serums into acupuncture points to stimulate the natural self-healing. The treatment formulas utilize herbal extracts, homeopathic medicines, and nutrients. Injection sites are determined by assessing the acupuncture meridians and using functional diagnostics to find pain and trigger points. Injections are then given into the skin or muscles to help with pain, inflammation, injury, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle spasm, nutrient deficiencies, immune system concerns, and healing at the cellular level. 

It is important to note that biopuncture can only be administered by licensed professionals, such as Licensed Acupuncturists, Doctors or Naturopaths. 

FAQs about Biopuncture

How does it work? 

Biopuncture combines the actions of acupuncture with low-dose homeopathics, in order to provide highly effective and fast-acting treatment directly to the area of concern. 

How often can I receive biopuncture?

The frequency of therapeutic injections depends on the focus of the treatment. For more chronic conditions, one to two times/week may be recommended. 

Does it hurt?

The needles used for biopuncture are a very small gauge and are often not painful at all. Nutrient-focused biopuncture, such as B12 injections, can create a slight burning sensation but it generally subsides within a minute or two. Patients receiving biopuncture for pain management might feel a slight pinch or pressure at the injection site and surrounding muscles.

What can biopuncture be used for?

Pain Management

Biopuncture is a great option for pain management. It can be administered as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other methods, such as chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and muscle work. For this treatment, the injectable serums we choose help to reduce swelling and pain, and stimulate a natural immune response to help the area heal. 

Scar Therapy 

Biopuncture can help with the physical appearance of scars, as well as the function of the tissue that is impacted by the trauma. Increasing the blood flow to the area helps to break up the scar tissue, while injecting saline and/or collagen provides essential building blocks for the cells to repair the damaged area.

Using biopuncture for treating scar tissue increases blood flow to help heal the damaged tissue.
Biopuncture is effective at promoting healing of scar tissue from surgery or trauma.


By injecting homeopathics and collagen into the skin, it can help to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, making the skin firmer and more elastic.

Immune System Function

Homeopathics, such as Echinacea and Engystol, are injected into acupuncture points (such as Stomach 36) that stimulate the immune system to help prevent or fight off viruses, infections and sickness.

Energy and Nutritional Deficiencies

B12 injections are probably the most commonly known form of biopuncture. B12 plays an important role in optimal functioning of the body, contributing to the metabolism of all cells and the formation of new blood cells. It can also increase energy production, lift mood, jump start motivation, assist in tissue repair, and support the immune system. Vegetarians and vegans often have a B12 deficiency because this nutrient comes primarily from red meat, where it is in its most bioavailable form.

A deficiency of B12 can cause fatigue, weight gain, hormone imbalances, nerve damage, cardiovascular issues, memory and mood changes. Biopuncture delivers B12 directly to the site where disruption is occurring, instead of waiting on oral absorption of tablets to take effect. B12 injections are often administered regularly for a few weeks in order to bring B12 to an optimal level. At that point, oral B12 can help to maintain levels and injections can be given less frequently.

Due to its efficacy and higher quality, we use Hydroxocobalmin B12, a non-methylated, highly absorbable form of B12.

What kind of homeopathics do you use? 

Due to our high standards for selecting products, we use only two companies for our homeopathics (injectable serums). The injectables we use are made in Germany, where production is highly regulated, which results in homeopathics that are free from toxins and harmful fillers.

Biopuncture is affective because it uses injectable serums that trigger your body's own self-healing ability.
Our acupuncturist injects homeopathics that stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism.

In short, the uses and applications of biopuncture are innumerable. From pain management to immune support to energy production, this versatile treatment provides quick and relatively painless options for patients. And, because the therapeutic injections are carefully selected for maximum efficacy, with no tolerance for toxins and harmful preservatives, our patients feel a difference immediately. Of course, each patient case is different, so chat with your practitioner about how this might be helpful in your treatment plan. You can also give us a call for with any questions. We would be happy to set you up for a free consultation with one of our doctors.