Biopuncture: Acupuncture + Therapeutic Injections

Using high quality homeopathics ensures quick and effective treatment directly at the area of concern. What is Biopuncture? We love that our patients at Gateway Natural Medicine are naturally curious and always ask about ways to enhance or “level up” their...

Back to School Nutrients for Kids

Support your child’s health during back to school season with quality nutrients and supplementation. Boost their immune system, brain health, and overall wellness!

Vitamin D: The Full Story

Safe sun exposure, vitamin D-rich foods, and appropriate supplementation can keep your vitamin D levels optimal for bone health, mental wellness, and a strong immune system.

My Personal Experience with Skin Cancer

I grew up in Jersey: the originator of GTL (gym, tan, laundry). Being tan was honestly a lifestyle. Scary, right? I am also of Polish and Irish descent, some of the palest nationalities that you can be! But let me tell you, I gave it the old “college try.” I remember...