Chronic sinusitis (sinus infection/inflammation) is a problem face by a large portion of the population. It is often associated with headaches, allergies and asthma and chronic yeast. Traditional treatment consists of decongestants, sprays, antibiotics and surgery.  None of these treatments appear to provide long term relief for the patient.  They often only treat part of the issue

We at Gateway Natural Medicine and Diagnostic Center have a unique and extremely effective approach to the treatment of both acute and chronic sinus disorders.  The patient is completely evaluated so signs, symptoms and lab markers that would indicate other issues that may relate to their current sinus complaint.  Recurring sinus infections are commonly caused by a yeast species which is normally systemic, not just present in the nasal cavity.

We use various techniques such as the nasal specific technique which uses a balloon type device to physically alter the size and functionality of the sinus passages themselves. It is an extremely effective technique and a series will often result in permanent resolution of the problem.  Sinus inoculation involves the use of silver protein to drain debris and mucous from the sinus. This is often employed in the case of people suffering from chronic sinus infection.

People who suffer from chronic sinus problems are often looking for alternative solutions and the Doctors at Gateway Natural Medicine are well versed with patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis and feel strongly that many of our techniques are extremely effective and safe.