Sensitivities to various foods can vary quite differently from person to person. There are many common symptoms of food allergies or sensitivities. Some true food allergies, such as those to peanuts are quite dramatic and can even be life threatening. These types of allergies are mediated by IgE antibodies and the body releases histamine and may result in restricted breathing, anaphylaxis and even death. Most allergy testing is performed via the “skin scratch test”. This is an inaccurate method which often misdiagnosis the allergies. We use antibody-based blood tests to determine your allergies and sensitivities.

Foods allergies or sensitivities can manifest themselves in less dramatic ways that can have very serious affects on ones overall health. Symptoms of delayed food allergies can include, but are not limited to: abdominal pain and GI upset, headaches, constipation, joint pain, fatigue, hyperactivity, weakened immune function and ear infections.

Some of the most common foods that people are allergic to include dairy products, gluten and peanuts. Many children who have chronic ear infections often have food allergies as the cause. When the offending food is removed from their diet, their symptoms can clear up almost immediately. Identification of these offending foods can be accomplished with a simple blood test. We can test any number of possible food culprits and the degree of sensitivity can also be determined.

In addition to testing delayed food allergies, there are a number of other interesting tests that can be performed for various problems. We have rather simple tests that can determine allergies to environmental toxins, food additives and preservatives, household chemicals, medications, molds and herbs.

When somebody has food or chemical sensitivities, it would be counterproductive to use either medications or natural therapies to cover up or mask their symptoms. Proper identification and elimination of an offending food or other allergen can spare the immune system from having to focus on this constant source of irritation. Allergy testing is an extremely effective way to improve the quality of ones health and truly deal with the cause of the problem.