Seasonal allergies and hay fever are common allergic responses to airborne pollens, dust and dander. These type of allergic responses are known as an IgE type allergy. An IgE allergy gives you an almost immediate response when you come in contact with the offending allergen. These are by far the most well known allergies.

An allergic response is no more than your immune system having an abnormal reaction to a normal stimulus. When the body reacts to an allergen it produces a chemical called histamine. Histamine is irritating to the tissues and causes the typical symptoms of allergies: runny nose, itchy eyes and or ears, and sinus congestion. Medications known as antihistamines focus on blocking the body’s response to histamine. Unfortunately, the also cause side effects such as drowsiness and diminished mental clarity.

When treating an allergy naturally, the first step if to test for the allergy to definitively identify the allergen, as well as the type of immune response. Often, food allergens can cause symptoms that will mimic a seasonal allergen, however antihistamines are ineffective in this situation. We also offer natural treatments to relieve the congestion and drainage of allergies, as well as natural antihistamines that do not have the unwanted side effects.