Having a comprehensive annual exam centered on male health issues is essential to staying healthy and detecting health problems early.

In your exam, we will discuss your personal health concerns, as well as your medical history and family history to help identify your risk factors for major male health issues such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and prostate issues. Your wellness exam will be a comprehensive evaluation of all major body systems. If you have a history of cardiac problems or concerns regarding your cardiovascular health, we will perform a routine EKG as a part of your exam. One of the most important parts of the men’s exam is the DRE or rectal exam of the prostate gland. The exam is important to have done in addition to blood testing, as it can detect problems that may not show up on blood tests. Based on your individual health situation we will perform the needed routine blood tests and measure specific analytes to measure prostate health.

When the doctor receives the results of your testing, you will return for a follow up appointment to discuss the findings of your tests. Your comprehensive report of findings will explain all tests, not just the elevated findings, and then focus on preventive steps you can take now to prevent future problems.