Fatigue is a particularly interesting problem because we have lowered the standards and expectations for energy and vitality. Many patients have come to expect low energy levels as normal and that is unfortunate. During the consultation, specific questions are asked to determine whether you are tired or fatigued.

Many people with fatigue suffer from conditions that are the physiological cause of fatigue such as anemia, hypothyroidism or even chronic low grade infections. People often suffer from Epstein Barr virus which is somewhat similar to a low grade chronic mononucleosis. Other chronic low grade infections such as systemic yeast (Candidiasis) can cause fluctuations in blood sugar and eventually lead to ineffective glucose metabolism and fatigue. Thyroid disorders are often misdiagnosed and poorly treated and are often the cause of fatigue. Poor digestion and absorption along with poor elimination and generalized toxicity can also be the cause of fatigue. Insomnia may seem like an obvious cause, but other sleep disorders that may be less overt like sleep apnea may be the culprit. Sleep apnea may be related to food allergies and chronic sinusitis.

Fatigue is a multifaceted problem that needs to be properly evaluated and treated. It is much more than a quality of life issue and when properly treated may help spare you the suffering from other health issues later on.