Infertility is an agonizing and frustrating problem that seems to affect more and more couples and the cause seems to be unexplainable in many instances. Fertility experts can accurately diagnose and treat some of the more common medical conditions such as low sperm count in men and dysfunctional fallopian tubes in women, but when the cause is not so obvious, natural medicine may hold the answer.

Women are diagnosed as infertile after not being able to conceive after one full year of unprotected sex. The causes can vary dramatically. Oftentimes subclinical hypothyroidism is the cause. Hormonal balance can be checked and balanced by testing hormones throughout the cycle by collecting saliva samples at various intervals through a test called the female hormone panel. Imbalances can then be treated by various methods of supplementation. Vaginosis is a chronic condition of vaginal bacterial imbalance that can result in excessive immune response in the cervical area. These imbalances can be the result of antibiotic abuse, chronic yeast (Candidiasis) and even the lack of beneficial bacteria.

Women are not the only people treated for infertility. Low sperm counts and poor sperm motility are often problems with male infertility. Male hormones can also be imbalanced. A simple saliva test called the male hormone panel can be performed to assess the many different hormones that play a role in male fertility and virility.

Unexplained infertility is a heartbreaking problem that has many different causes that go undetected. On a simple level, improving ones general health can be beneficial in helping one conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.