Dysmenorrhea is painful menstrual cramps. Young women are often those most often affected and the problem is attributed to an imbalance of enzymes called prostaglandins. Other factors that can affect the pain include hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies.

The pain is often so severe that it is the number one reason women miss work. Forty percent of adult females have menstrual pain and 10% are incapacitated for 1-3 days each month. Headache, back pain and pain above the pubic bone are often associated with dysmenorrhea as is PMS.

Testing women for hormonal imbalance can often pinpoint the cause of the problem. Proper nutrition and the proper fats in ones diet such as fish oils often help. Chiropractic adjustments have long been accepted a very affective treatment for menstrual cramps as well.

Dysmenorrhea is not just an inconvenience; it is a symptom of an underlying problem and needs to be accurately diagnosed and treated.