This was sent in by a viewer of ours from her trip to the Caribbean.  It is interesting to see the difference in marketing from different cultures.  Cigarette smoke (including second hand smoke) accounts for 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States.  This is more evidence to how addictive smoking can be.  Could you imagine if your office chair had a note “sitting in this chair will paralyze you”? For those who reach for E-cigarettes, please make sure this is a transition step and not a complete replacement for the traditional as these still contain harmful chemicals and create dependancy.

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Here are some smoking statistics taken from CDC.gov (2011):

Race/Ethnicity Cigarette Smoking Rate
American Indian/Alaska Natives (Non-Hispanic) 31.5%
Asians (Non-Hispanic) 9.9%
Blacks (Non-Hispanic) 19.4%
Hispanics 12.9%
Whites (Non-Hispanic) 20.6%


Age Cigarette Smoking Rate
18-24 years 18.9%
25–44 years 22.1%
45–64 years 21.4%
65 years and older 7.9%


Education Level Cigarette Smoking Rate
Less than high school 25.5%
GED 45.3%
High school graduate 23.8%
Some college 22.3%
Associate degree 19.3%
Undergraduate degree 9.3%
Postgraduate degree 5.0%


Income Status Cigarette Smoking Rate
Below poverty level 29.0%
At or above poverty level 17.9%

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