14329622976_5f38d9413d_oAnother year down and another poor performance by the flu vaccine. We were promised, in early 2015, that scientists had finally got ahead of the curve with the 2015 strain. Well they didn’t. Was this an accurate statement or simply marketing? I’m not sure we will ever know the answer to that question. “But wait, there is more” (As Seen on TV voice): We are seeing lower effectiveness of the vaccine by repeat year vaccinations.  Wait, what?  The flu shot that is grossly ineffective can become more ineffective by following their recommendations of yearly administration? Yes. This is a cause of serious concern especially those that are required to get this vaccine because of their jobs.

This is not another anti-vaccine rant…what this is, is information that you need to know when making a decision about you and your families’ health. Forcing folks to receive an ineffective and potential harmful vaccine makes me begin to wonder, what are we really using these vaccines for currently?


Now don’t get me wrong the concept of vaccines is one the greatest medical contributions, due to its stimulation to investigate the moving parts of our immune system. The smallpox vaccine is credited with the first known successful vaccination said to eradicate smallpox. Without that original vaccine “created” by Edward Jenner way back in 1798 we currently may not know half of what we do about the immune system. Keep in mind, that the original vaccine had 1 ingredient where today we can see over 20 ingredients, some with multiple antigens.


There are some “experts” that say that some effectiveness is better than no effectiveness. If I ever met these so called experts in person I would probably have a few choice words. When inventing the shoe horn or a hook that helps you get your favorite cereal off the top shelf at the food store—low success rates are OK while developing the product but at this stage in the game and when people’s health is on the line, I’m not sure I could sleep at night marketing something that had such poor results. We can argue about herd immunity, immune-modulation and stimulation, causative vs. correlation studies, etc., etc., but we can’t argue some of these outcomes.


We need more research and SCIENCE before we go around making laws about vaccines or calling each other names. Anti-vaxxer, pro-vaxxer, baby killer, etc. these kind of tactics are usually a last ditch effort to prove a point that has little evidence. Remember those childhood arguments that started out heated, each side throwing facts back and forth, until eventually the data ran dry and you resulted to, “well, your face is ugly”. That is exactly what I am reminded of today.


I do not think those that are currently vocal against vaccines, as a whole, are against vaccines, I think they are against potentially harmful substances that are being forced upon them for what looks to be for financial gain. Many in these argument do not even know the basic parts of the immune system let allow the intricate moving parts on how we develop immunity. If we were to step back and apply SCIENCE back into medicine I am sure the acceptance rate will then again rise, but when you clearly state that some of these vaccines are ineffective (we have seen some years where getting the vaccine was worse than contracting the disease it was trying to prevent) AND still recommending people get vaccinated…well then my friend, alternative agendas begin to stir in my brain. Keep an open mind, stay educated and good luck sifting through all the current marketing while searching for the facts. I will do my best to continue keep you all informed.