Professional Consultation

Our professional consultation services are for reviewing patient cases and clinical/business strategies.  The fees collected for this service ensures that we have this time prioritized for you without any distractions.  It also gives you access to other resources such as forms, protocols and procedures. 

Our number one goal is to help you and your patients, so we are here for brief questions as you continue to work-up and treat your patient.  If the question requires more time or is a bit more complex, we may ask you schedule a one-on-one session.

To submit a case for review

Please  complete the Professional Consulting Request Form buy clicking the link below.  *Please ensure you have read, signed and returned the ‘Release of Liability for Professional Consulting Services’ form prior to your first consult. 

Service Fees:

All consults are schedule in 30-minute blocks with a 30-minute minimum.  We suggest booking consults for 60 minutes and no longer than 120 minutes. This customarily, is the amount of time it takes to adequately review cases.

              Customary Fee: $250-300 per hour

During your consult you may receive:

  • Information about specific ingredients, brands and dosages (as well as websites and distributors for ordering and best-known prices)
  • Protocols, articles or scientific literature.
  • Guidance for diagnostics and therapies.
  • Students and graduates of the DABCI program receive 10% off your consultation services.*

    *Cannot be combined with any other discounts

We are excited to have you join our family of doctors!