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Skincare at Home or On the Go: Quality Matters

Nothing is more daunting than roaming the isles of your big box cosmetology store trying to guess what products would be best suited for your specific skin type, tone or concern. At Remedy Skin Studio we pride ourselves on doing the research for you.

It can be a delicate balance between something that works and is also safe for not only your skin, but your entire body. Over the years we have seen countless blood tests that show clear impacts on hormones while using certain skin care products! Yes, what goes on your skin will affect your entire body in some way, shape or form.

We get excited about this stuff and have seen a lot of change in our 17 years in the field. A good portion Kelly’s (owner) down time is spent researching and testing the very products that we carry in office. Combine that with the ability to test patient’s labs to look for systemic changes, she has fine-tuned not only effective skin care products, but they are safe as well.*

Remedy has chosen a select few professional skincare lines only available through authorized clinicians. Contact Remedy Skin Studio Professional resource for your in-depth skincare consultation to learn which products are right for your skin.

Below you will find just a few of the many brands we carry.

skinbetter science:

skinbetter science bottles

Our patients appreciate that to see results, our products don’t require a tedious multi-step process. In addition to being scientifically advanced, skinbetter offers an uncomplicated approach to skincare. One product can deliver remarkable results; two to three skinbetter products can change how you feel about your skin. Either way, skinbetter products ensure that real results are possible in your real life.

You can purchase the full-line of professional skinbetter products online!

Complete your registration and shop your favorite skinbetter science products HERE. Your products will be shipped directly to your home for FREE!

Sorella Apothecary:  

This botanically based, professional skin care line balances the best of both science and nature. It combines natural, old-world philosophies and a dose of modern-day science to create products that will bring balance back to the skin, while also building it up and providing nourishment. Sorella Apothecary believes that perfectly balanced skin is glowing, healthy skin.


Not long ago, SPF only came to mind at the beach, and it wasn’t something people actually wanted to wear.

So, we set out to change the way the world thought about sunscreen. Goodbye, gloopy sticky SPF. Hello, Supergoop! 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. The good news? Wearing sunscreen can help substantially reduce your risk of skin cancer. We’re talking reef-friendly, cruelty-free and made with clean ingredients. Forget oxybenzone, octinoxate, parabens and 1600+ other ingredients on our “No List”.


Known the world over as an industry leader, Guinot has consistently led the charge in skincare, from game-changing technology and techniques, to maintaining the most stringent, high standards in the development and manufacturing of their products.

Please note some of the products we sell require a consultation. If you do not see the product you would like to purchase, please set up a virtual or in house consultation.

Prices, including shipping, are said to change without notice.

If you are a current client and would like to purchase a product not listed, please call 970-532-2755or email us at remedyskinstudio@gmail.com and we can get it shipped or prepared for local pick-up for you.

*Negative reactions can occur at any time, with any product. Be sure to ask your doctor or skin care professional before trying any new product. As always, use a very small amount on just a portion of your body first to test out the product.