We have many convenient options to shop online directly from our manufacturers and suppliers.  This ensures you are getting the exact products and compounds our office recommends. 

Designs for Health

Over 30 years of US-based manufacturing with over 350 products.  Family owned and operated.

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A distributor known for their excellent service and fast processing.  They carry an array of products from many great manufacturers including Biotics Research Corporation.

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Skin Better Science

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A US-based, family owned manufacturer of professional formulas.  Over 300 unique products.

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NOTICE to Patients

We do not recommend purchasing from other third parties for the following reasons:

  1. The recommendations that have been prescribed by your doctor are very specific- any change to this could alter your care and the results that were expected. This could ultimately prolong your care, cause unforeseen reactions and cost you more money in the long run.
  2. We have contracted DIRECTLY with the manufactures or their authorized distributors to source these nutraceuticals and natural medicine compounds. That means if anything happens- broken seal, damaged product etc. WE will take care of it for you, you are not held responsible and we will replace the product at no extra charge.  This also ensures that the natural medicine compounds we carry are the “freshest” they have to offer with the longest shelf life and highest potency possible.
  3. There are fraudulent nutrients, believe it or not, and counterfeit products are sold on Amazon, eBay etc. The counterfeit companies have researched the most sought-after brands and created copies with suboptimal levels or even harmful additives.  Some companies will even acquire expired products and sell them as “new”; once again lowering their potency or having a potentially harmful effect.