What makes Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center Unique?

Everyone shouts the “latest and greatest” mantra but what truly makes us different is our concentration art and science of diagnostics and care.  Many of our practitioners dedicate their time traveling the country teaching other professionals about diagnostics and natural medicine.  Combined our team has over 60 year’s experience. 

What we do not do…

Creating an efficient plan that gets you from feeling poor to health is our number one goal.  We do not believe in recommending excessive supplements or creating goals that fill you with false hope and are unachievable.  We will never run one more test or one less test than you need.  We pride ourselves on treating people fairly, honestly and with complete pricing transparency.  This is medicine with integrity.

If it is important to you, it is important to us.

We are here to LISTEN and you will be HEARD.

We value you and your health

Being sick and going to the doctor is not usually a fun experience but at Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center we want you to be comfortable and will do anything we can to get a smile.  You will be met by our friendly staff either by phone or in person. 

We can’t wait to meet you!  We will have locally roasted coffee and water waiting!

You will be scheduled for up to 90 minutes with the practitioner of your choice. These appointments are reserved for you and never doubled booked.  We will spend this time to dive into your history, discuss your current complaints/symptoms and listen to your healthcare goals.

Part of your initial assessment may include a physical exam or review of your old lab work, images or medical records. We want to leave no stone unturned when working with you and we want to be sure you are heard.

This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ and together we formulation a diagnostic plan. Often times this includes lab work such as blood, images or functional tests.  Most of testing is conveniently offered in office (Testing information and pricing can be found here: this is linked to gatewaydirectlabs).  Your practitioner will only order the tests that are absolutely necessary, not one more test, not one less test than is needed.

Now is the time where you kick back and relax. We will be hard at work gathering all the information we collected while putting it together will the new information we gathered.  Once we have our tentative plan in place we will have a 60 minute appointment where we discuss our findings and formulate our treatment plan

  • This treatment plan is completely customized to you, your health information and your goals. We pride ourselves on tailoring each and every visit to you and we are excited to meet you!

Your plan may include some or all of the following: Lifestyle modifications, dietary intervention, herbals, botanicals, homeopathic and supplements.

We have a team of other professionals such as counselors, therapists and nutritionists.

As we continue through your health care journey you will have specifically timed follow up appointments that customarily range from 30-60minutes. We understand that life gets busy as you start to feel better and our full team is available for remote or in person follow-up appointments.

We will continue as needed to help ‘maintain the gain’ ensuring we maintain your healthcare goals, help prevent reoccurrence or new complaints and share the ever changing science and art of healing.