What makes Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center Unique? 

At Gateway Natural Medicine, we pride ourselves on creating a different kind of healthcare experience for our patients. What makes us unique is our concentration on integrating the art and science of diagnostics and care. Our team has been intentionally formed with the purpose of providing a comprehensive, holistic approach to health. Each patient case is reviewed by our group of specialized practitioners for true medical integration.
Many of our practitioners dedicate time every year to traveling and teaching other professionals about diagnostics and natural medicine. Combined, our team has over 60 years of experience.
Utilizing advanced diagnostics and analysis, our team is ready to tackle a wide variety of chronic conditions.


What we do not do…

Creating an efficient plan that helps you feel healthy and well again is our number one goal. We do not recommend more supplements than are necessary or create goals that fill you with false hope or that are unachievable. We will never run one more test or one less test than is needed.  We pride ourselves in treating people fairly, honestly and with complete pricing transparency. This is medicine with integrity.

If it is important to you, it is important to us.

We are here to LISTEN and you will be HEARD.

We value you and your health.

Being sick is never fun. At Gateway Natural Medicine we want you to be comfortable and will do all we can to make “going to the doctor” as pleasant of an experience as possible. Our friendly staff is knowledgable and ready to provide excellent patient service by phone and in person.

We can’t wait to meet you! We’ve got smiles and fresh coffee waiting for you!

For internal medicine patients, your Initial Assessment will be a 90 minute appointment with the practitioner that best fits your situation. These appointments are reserved for you and never doubled booked. Your practitioner will spend this time with you reviewing your health history, discussing your current complaint and symptoms, listen to your healthcare goals, and then together with you, creating a plan of action to get you feeling your best.

Your Initial Assessment may include a physical exam or review of your old lab work, images or medical records. We want to leave no stone unturned when working with you and we want to be sure you are heard.

Together we formulate a diagnostic plan, often including lab work, such as blood tests, images or functional tests. Most of testing is conveniently offered in office (Testing information and pricing can be found here). Your practitioner will only order the tests that are absolutely necessary, not one more test, not one less test than is needed.

Once lab work and diagnostics have been run, your doctor will review the results and combine their analysis with the information gathered in the Initial Assessment. Our office will then call you to schedule a 60 minute appointment to discuss the findings and formulate a treatment plan.

This treatment plan is completely customized to you, your health information and your goals. We pride ourselves on tailoring each and every visit to you – there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to healthcare.

Your treatment plan may include lifestyle and dietary recommendations, as well as herbals, botanicals, homeopathics and supplements.

As we continue through your health care journey, you will have timely follow up appointments that range from 30-60 minutes. We understand that life gets busy as you start to feel better and our full team is available for remote or in-person follow up appointments.

We will continue to touch base as needed to help maintain the gain, ensuring we achieve and sustain your health goals and help prevent reoccurrence or new complaints. We commit to continue learning and adapting to the ever changing science and art of healing.

Work with us remotely (Telehealth) 

With advancements in technology it is becoming easier to stay in touch with the practitioners of your choice, regardless of location. We utilize all forms of communication including email, telephone and telehealth software to stay informed and stay in touch. 

Our EHR system allows for HIPPA compliant telemed appointment, so you have access to our team, no matter where you are in the world.