omnilux led mask

You have probably seen the recent upswing of LED devices for either your face (hello robot looking masks) and even full body panels, but LED therapy devices have been making waves since the 60’s. They were originally utilized in clinical care with benefits ranging from soothing inflammation to helping kill p acnes bacteria (we see you acne, and we’re coming for you).  As these panels have become more affordable, they have been taking skincare and healthcare by storm.

So, let’s break it down: What do these devices do? How can they help? Are they more than just skin deep?

LED Face Masks:

Red light therapy uses LED bulbs to emit different wavelengths into the skin, such as 633nm (red light) and 830 nm (near-infrared). These two wavelengths together stimulate our mitochondria (creates energy to drive cellular function), with this energy our cells can repair quicker. When the cells are repairing quicker, we are looking at stimulating collagen production. Our collagen is essential for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of our skin, ergo helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves blood flow through which assists in nourishing the skin and aiding in repair.  Don’t get me wrong, you are not going to wake up after a week of daily use and look 20 again. Sorry friends. What will happen is the slow burn that is skincare. Small, consistent steps that in turn help us prejuvenate before we have to work on rejuvenating the skin and fixing issues. We’re talking long game people!

Reduction of inflammation is the name of the game.  Preaching to my friends with rosacea and acne.  We can’t forget that reduction of healing time for procedures like Botox, microneedling, and lasers. LED therapy helps increase blood flow to damaged tissue. These masks are perfectly safe when used in conjunction with these treatments. From painful eczema and rosacea flare-ups to sunspots and hyperpigmentation, red light therapy helps to drastically improve the skin’s appearance by kicking your cells into high gear to accelerate the healing process. Of course, we must show love to our acne suffers as well. Blue light therapy helps kill bacteria without causing harm to surrounding cells. It will help regulate our sebum production which in turn reducing the likelihood of future breakouts. Win-Win.

We do a ton of research at Remedy for products and treatments we want to bring to our patients. Out of all the masks you find online, we prefer Omnilux Face Masks. They have been pioneers in medical grade LED light therapy since 2003. At 10 minutes per treatment a day, this FDA cleared device is truly the gold standard for healthy skin care prevention. We sell these devices in the office. Feel free to call and place your order. 9970-532-2755

LED Body Panels:

Light therapy isn’t just beneficial for our skin, it has a huge impact on our mood. Isn’t it wild whoever dubbed Seasonal Affective Disorder as SAD? Fitting I would say. Have you ever felt down in the dumps once winter hits. Can’t seem to get your mojo together when the sun set at 3:30 and its -11 degrees outside? Welcome to seasonal affective disorder my friends. LED therapy helps mimic sunlight and helps regulate our natural circadian rhythms, improve our mood and our energy levels. When we experience this bright light, it helps regulate melatonin production which allows us to get better quality sleep patterns. I don’t know about you, but the increase of anxiety post covid has been real! LED therapy has been shown to help with anxiety and depression. The benefit of this is regulating our neurotransmitters (think of these as chemical messengers from our nerve cells to in our muscles) and mood-regulating hormones in our brain. Now let’s be real, treatments like this aren’t the end -all-be-all, but in my opinion, every little bit helps. This is the time to be the turtle, rather than the hare. Slow and steady consistent treatments built into our routine is what makes the difference between a skincare trend and a lifelong practice that helps our body work at its optimal level. The full body panel we use in our home as well as in our office is a JOOVV. We love these panels since you can build upon them. We have a desk size, which is great for a mid-day boost. While at home we have full body sized panels that we can wheel around our home as well as expand on the sizing we want for a more modular set up. We don’t leave our home in the wintertime without at least 10 minutes of LED therapy. It sets up our day and our mood to be able to continue our day without a hiccup.

We prefer the brand Joovv, use code “Gateway” to receive $50 off your order!